Behind The Scenes

AfterMaster Studios Hollywood

Ryan Curran, Shelly Yakus,  Ari Blitz and Peter Doell at Aftermaster Studios. With Tom Weir at Studio City Sound.

Ari Blitz with Ryan Curran and Executive Producer Marty Curran

Colin McGuinness with Ryan Curran. Laying guitar tracks for "Speak"

Studio City Sound

Ryan Curran, Tom Weir, Matt Laug & Michael Parnell

Anna Kostyuchek laying Violin tracks for At Least I'm Honest

Greg Settino lays drum tracks for Ryan's new song "Speak."

The Bakery Mastering - Sony Pictures

Ryan Curran,  Eric Boulanger and Jett Galindo

Leprechaun Crossing Studios

Lance Morrison Laying Bass Tracks for Ryan's new song Cecelia.

David Filice laying bass tracks for "Speak"