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Julio Aiello

In Memory of Julio

All of us at RyanCurranMusic want to express our sincere gratitude and love for Julio, and his commitment to Ryan's musical career.  Julio is a former established vocalist, teacher and mentor, dedicated to music and bands throughout his life. Julio was very proud to be collaborating on an album with the likes of Shelly Yakus, Peter doell, Tom Weir and Eric Boulanger.  He was kind enough to provide vocal coaching to Ryan for Beacon Hill; Julio was so excited to hear the album upon its release.

Several weeks before the release of Beacon Hill Julio peacefully passed away on his favorite comfy recliner.  While he may not have heard the final album, he heard many of the songs as they were developing. We will miss his visits to our recording studio, but we still have all the vocal notes he wrote for Ryan! May Julio rest in peace, hear the release of Ryan's music as it permeates the universe, and know that he was a vital part of Ryan's debut album.  Julio was such a gift... 

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