The Beacon Hill Players

Matt Laug  -  Annabelle Maginnis  -  Lance Morrison  -  Anna Kostyuchek 

Cody McKenna  -  David Filice  - Colin McGuinness  - Greg Settino

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Ryan Curran

Brief Bio

In addition to being a singer-songwriter Ryan has earned two Associates Degrees: one in Kinesiology and a second in Social And Behavioral Sciences.  He is currently registered in a Bachelor of Kinesiology program, with a focus on education. Augmenting is days, he works in Early Childhood Education for the Burbank School District. Ryan was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts; at the age of nine his family moved to Burbank, California.

Leprechaun Crossing Studios

Much of Beacon Hill was recorded at LCS, co-owned by Ryan and his Father. At the studio and on his current album Ryan is a Senior Engineer, Executive Producer, Writer/Arranger, Vocalist and Instrumentalist.  Augmenting his musicality is a genetic family history of music and multiple college classes in music theory, composition and writing.

Beacon Hill & Upcoming Album

Ryan's second album is in production!  As on the current album, Beacon Hill, Ryan will continue to collaborate at Studio City sound with Grammy Award winning engineer Tom Weir; Aftermaster Studios Hollywood with Ari Blitz and multiple Platinum Album winning engineer Shelly Yakus; Mastering Platinum Album winner Peter Doell, and; The Bakery Mastering @ Sony Pictures with engineer Eric Boulanger.